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Snippet of Kazakh story

November 5, 2016

6 stories left in TCoH 4 and our Heroes’ European adventures will be gone to its end. Next week, in Kazakhstan which is in both Europe and Asia, Aulion and the rest of #TeamLunala will go on their last fight with the Scullabies as the villainous team is undergoing an operation to capture Lunala and drain its lunar-powered energy! Meanwhile, Aulion will be staying over at Sahda’s and take a look at Sugarcube, her Minccino – which Mr. Vega hates the most.

Also, I believe this might be the last story in the TCoH series in which Ghafiki and Sahda are together. They will break up, and Ghafiki is going to Australia to study anything more he knows about culinary. That’s sad.

The Lunala egg that the Chief gave to #TeamLunala hatched into Lunala itself.


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