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TCoH 4, Episodes 312-313

November 8, 2016

Episode 312:
Upon his arrival in Kazakhstan, when Scullabies were busy with Operation Lunala in the plains of the world’s largest landlocked country, Aulion visited Sahda and Sugarcube. However, Sahda seemed to be rather uncomfortable with Ghafiki yesterday. Meanwhile, after the Muslims in #TeamLunala have done their prayers, the Lunala egg they received hatched into Lunala itself. Aulion then planned his nastiest plot yet, to prevent their identities from being revealed, he and the other #TeamLunala members have to wear catsuits at night. Since Lunala is known as the summoner of the Moon, Aulion dubs it the “Moonsuit”. Much to the girls and women’s dismay, they have to tie their hairs into a bun. ‘Cause they might find out why soon enough.

Episode 313:
Ghafiki participated in a Grandpa Lemon race in the plains of Kazakhstan once again, after making him dress up Sahda like Lunala. Aulion imagined that would be how Ghafiki and Sahda will BREAK UP. 😥 (If this is rendered as a joke, then they will remain a couple until the very end of The Chronicles of Hits in its entirety)


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