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Ending of Kazakh story, #TeamSolgaleo, and snippet of Georgian story

November 13, 2016

This is how the Kazakh story ends.

After a long battle between our Heroes and Scullabies, the latter were sent to jail. Mr. Vallen broke down to tears, shouting out to our Heroes that they will meet again someday (referring to TCoH 4 Part 2) while the police car was driven. Afterward, they witnessed Ghafiki and Sahda break up, but eventually reconciled and cancelled their breakup. Sahda then allowed Ghafiki to stay in Germany again with her to study culinary science.

Whoa, don’t think this is the end yet. #TeamSolgaleo has their job to do; catching the Trolls, who happens to roast an evil plan to capture our Heroes in the Caucasus and Minor Asia. They still have their Solgaleo egg, and it is set to hatch TOMORROW MORNING. #BOOM

#TeamSolgaleo’s leg (Leg 10):
– Georgia (Dzaky)
– Armenia (Arap)
– Azerbaijan (Tasya)
– Turkey (Medina)
– Cyprus (Mufida)

#TeamSolgaleo’s journey starts in Georgia, in which Dzaky and Shafira go in their last dragon-jocking adventure in Europe. They will attend the premier of “Embrace”, Shafira’s first movie. Also, they will come face-to-face with Mr. Mizi.

Major cast in the Georgian story:
– Muhammad Dzaky Fakhruddin
– Shafira Putri Zachrany
– Raditiyo Putra Jaya Ramadhan
– Tarmizi Pratama Putra
– Grapefruit (Dzaky’s)
– Salamence (Shafira’s)
– Ribombee (Raditiyo’s)

Mr. Mizi has no Pokemon on his own. He relies on himself.

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