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TCoH 4, Episode 326

November 21, 2016

The episode begins with Khalisha and Carmina doing a conversation, but the place remains a private secret to us.

8.00 AM…

Arap arrived in the city of Yerevan, capital of Armenia, where his roots are.

Arap: Ahhh… it’s been awhile since I last visited Armenia. I miss Mount Aragats, I miss the apricots, I miss the pomegranates… I’d better explore.


Citizens: Move over!
Arap: (gasps, then gets ran over. He then gets angry) HEY! Can’t you see I’m trying to walk?
Vardan: What’s all the anger about? The Apricot Festival is up ahead, and we’re celebrating in the Karen Demirchyan Sports Complex! It’s a feast! You can’t miss it! Oh, and BTW, my name is Vardan. Nice to meet you.
Arap: Nice to meet you. Sorry about my anger.

Meanwhile, Arap comes back to the hospital where he worked. There he met Carmina when he was working.

Carmina: Hi! (patting Arap’s shoulder)
Arap: Oh, hi. I’ve seen you on TV before.
Carmina: Uh-huh. And I have seen you on YouTube! You must be Doctor Arap they were talking about at my school! My name is Salsabilla, but you can call me by stage name Carmina. Nice to meet you!
Arap: (blushes in embarrassment)
Khalisha: Kang Arap!
Arap: Hey, Khalisha! You’ve grown already.

After a long talk with the girls, Arap came back to his Armenian home to have dinner. Shortly after that, he slept in his bedroom where he does a lot of his gaming. All of a sudden, he heard a scream from Khalisha, saying Carmina just got bit by a snake in the kitchen and fainted.

Stay tuned for the next episode tomorrow.

Major cast:
– Reza Oktovian
– Salsabilla “Carmina”
– Khalisha Salma
– Azevedo Andovireska Adikara da Lopez
– Afiany Nur Fadilah
– Annoying Orange (Fina’s)
– Blitzle (Khalisha’s)


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