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TCoH 4, Episode 332

November 27, 2016

After successfully practicing for the Apricot Festival, Arap and Andovi were off to the mountains where the former was going to give his last fight against Mr. Sofwan. But to his surprise, he found Carmina had transformed into an Oranguru! So from this, Arap had learned something. The side effect of the venom is transforming someone into a certain Pokemon.

Arap and Carmina agreed to team up for a fight against the Troll leader. They, along with Orange and Khalisha (who transformed herself into her Blitzle) gave helping hands to each other. Arap himself transformed into an Incineroar, the final evolved form of Litten. They agreed to fight Mr. Sofwan at high noon.

Arap used Darkest Lariat, which Mr. Sofwan blocked by using Protect. The Islamic education teacher in Alcent High School countered with Close Combat, but Arap used Counter to double the damage taken. Khalisha used Wild Charge, which Mr. Sofwan dodged. As Mr. Sofwan was about to use Flare Blitz, Carmina told Khalisha to repeat her Wild Charge again by using Instruct. This time, the attack was unavoidable. Orange used Flare Blitz as well, leaving Mr. Sofwan burned. As the Troll leader is suffering, Arap used a combination of his Flame Charge and Darkest Lariat, rendering himself victorious. As our Heroes celebrated their victory, something bad happened. Arap fainted, possibly due to the strain from transforming into Incineroar. Everyone panicked, bringing the gaming doctor to the hospital. Just as they were grieving, Mr. Akbar broke from jail temporarily in shock to see his “best friend” in critical condition.

After suffering from a coma for 3 hours…

Arap: (newly awaken) Where am I?
Mr. Akbar: Ayoyo, you’re in the hospital, my friend. These 2 girls with the most glamorous hairs saved your life. Your heart disease just recurred.
Arap: (Imagine… a doctor hospitalized… I can’t… move…)
Khalisha: You’re safe, Kang.
Carmina: We were so worried.
Andovi: Hey, Rap? You should thank Fina for lending Orange to join in that battle.
Mr. Sofwan: Arap.
Arap: Sofwan?
Mr. Sofwan: I shouldn’t have said wrong things to you from the first time we met. I remember when I got knocked out in North Carolina last year by that Annoying Orange of Fina’s. I also remember how Fina met my cousin Maulani.
Arap: That Maul?
Mr. Sofwan: (nods) So, what’s the deal? Best friends?
Armenian Police #1: Not today, Sofwan.
Armenian Police #2: You’re under arrest.
Mr. Sofwan: (gets thrown to the police car) BUT I’M NOT DOING ANYTHING!!!! (loud sobs)

That evening, Arap healed quickly and is ready to go to London.

Arap: Now, Carmina and Khalisha. Me and Andovi are going to London for our end-of-year Hits Radio conference. Promise you will still remain best friends.
Andovi: We promise we will meet you again sometime! (waves them goodbye)

Carmina and Khalisha shared a tearful hug, and they both went their separate ways. Carmina will continue pursuing her career as a pop star, and Khalisha will train hard with her best friend Rifat. When they were hugging, they touched their hairs each other, and “Say you won’t let go” by James Arthur played.

Rifat: Khalisha! (from afar)
Khalisha: Rifat! I’m coming, buddy!
Rifat: What will you say about a trip to Azerbaijan?
Khalisha: Why, I’d be delighted!

Mr. Dadi: The boss is down.
Mr. Agus: Like, what are we going to do now?
Mr. Aya: You go down there, Di. You’ve got a big thing to do.
Mr. Dadi: Where?
Mr. Agus and Mr. Aya: In Azerbaijan!
Mr. Dadi: (about to break down in tears) Oh, great. I’ve got my hardest part yet, and I was thinking about when it rained all over me, and my shoes got soggy. And everything just starts feeling droopy– (cries)
Mr. Agus and Mr. Aya: (sighs) Lame.

– Reza Oktovian
– Azevedo Andovireska Adikara da Lopez
– Salsabila (a.k.a. Carmina)
– Khalisha Salma
– Muhammad Sofwan Nugraha
– Dadi Mulyadi Nugraha
– Aya Sunarya
– Agus Saefullah
– Muhammad Akbar Singh
– Incineroar (Mr. Akbar’s; Arap)
– Oranguru (Carmina)
– Blitzle (Khalisha)
– Annoying Orange (Fina’s)
– Muhammad Fauzan Rif’at


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