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TCoH 4, Episodes 333-334

November 29, 2016

The episode starts with Mr. Dadi inflitrating the capital city of Azerbaijan, Baku. He planned to steal Nagorno-Karabakh, a part of Azerbaijan that is inhabited by Armenian people.

Meanwhile, Tasya is staying in a hotel in Baku with Pear, enjoying the snow. When they went outside, Khalisha struck them, causing Tasya to fall on the snow. She then revealed her starter Pokemon: a Litten. Khalisha asked Tasya for a battle, which she happily accepted. Khalisha sent out Litten and Tasya sent out Pear.

And in the following episode, Khalisha’s dad told a story about the legendary Pokemon Tapu Nyapachar. Without Tapu Nyapachar Tasya and the rest of our Heroes wouldn’t be able to go back to Indonesia.


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