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Snippet of Turkish story

Desember 3, 2016

In this story, while facing the end-of-semester test, our Heroes practice hard in Istanbul, Turkey,  for the Hits Radio end-of-year conference in London. Medina also trains hard with Kirana for her last fight against Mr. Aya. In this story, Medina is revealed to have learned Turkish language.

Major events:
– Medina learns that her last fight against Mr. Aya will take place in Istanbul, Turkey.
– Our Heroes practice hard for Hits Radio’s end-of-year conference while facing the end-of-semester test.
– Kirana is revealed to own a Dhelmise.
– Fina reveals that in 2018, after facing the national exam in Indonesia, she will leave Hits Radio for a while to challenge the Pokemon League in 48 Diponegoro Street – that is Alcent High School. Upon coming back, she will enjoy her last days as an announcer before eventually heading out to Russia to go to college.


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