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Hits Radio in December

Desember 5, 2016

Ahhh, December. The last month of every year. What can you ask for this snowy month of Christmas? Our Heroes’ last days of their European adventures has came.

December 1-4: Azerbaijan (part 2) (Tasya)
December 5-11: Turkey (Medina)
December 12-18: Cyprus (Mufida)
December 19-25: Hits Radio end-of-year conference in London
December 26-31: the final fight against the Trolls before heading to Australia (end of TCoH 4, beginning of TCoH 4 Part 2)

The character of the month is none other than Fina. Still my girlfriend, now she is against Hani and Nadiefa, and no longer with them. Usually they just went to the toilet in three, but now Fina wants me to accompany her to the toilet (even though girls’ toilet is not for boys).


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