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New TCoH 4 Part 2 teaser

Desember 7, 2016

As our Heroes pack their bags and move to their radio station’s branch office in Sydney, Australia, Fina becomes a student in the Hits Academy there and meets Rifat and Khalisha. It all started after she was given a badge for her heroic efforts against the Trolls, and Chief Liow took her on a vacation to his roots in Australia.

Accompanied by Orange, Fina attends social class with Rifat and the other students. Khalisha is from science class. These three became fast rivals. After 2 years of traveling with Tasya, Dzaky, Medina, and Mufida, this girlfriend of mine for 3 years will travel with Rifat and Khalisha, after the former four are sent to Hawaii for security reasons. In other words, abduction.

Fina’s Alolan starter Pokemon is revealed to be Popplio in TCoH 4 Part 2.


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