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The Mermaid Diaries III

Desember 17, 2016

Related to TCoH 4 Part 2, where this friend of mine is one of the trial captains in Fina’s Asian-Pacific adventures in 2017.

My best friend in XI IIS 2, Muhammad Davy Pradhana or Davy, is an aspiring young film director. He has worked on various indie films since he was 13. His parents are owners of Angkot TV, an indie TV station based on Bandung. And in 2017, he has revealed he is working on his new movie project. Awesome!

The title is “The Mermaid Diaries III”. Davy has yet to reveal the main plot of the film, but it’s not another princess movie (which Ghafiki hates all this time). The cast is Aoi Yuki, Yutaka Takenouchi, Didin Bachrudin, Iqbal Fadhlur, Dijah Yellow, Kohei Kiyasu, Hitomi Kikuchi, Aru Hime, Rifqi Aulia, Rizqy Farhan, Sakagala Gema, Herfaida Nadia, Rifka Yanika (hi Abang!), Ghozi Rizky, and Deva Tasmara. Since Davy is a big fan of Japanese dramas and anime he decided to invite some top Japanese actors and actresses to the cast.

Not only that, Davy will serve as the first trial captain in TCoH 4 Part 2, where he came to give his lecture about filming to Fina’s class. He specializes in the Normal-type. His trial site is in the United Arab Emirates.


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