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Hits Radio end-of-year conference: Day 2

Desember 19, 2016

Date: Tuesday, December 20, 2016
Venue: The O2 Arena, London, UK

18.00-18.30: Invitation registration
18.30-18.40: Opening by MC
18.40-19.00: Recitation of the Holy Qur’an
19.00-19.30: Welcome speech
19.30-19.40: Opening performance by Noah, Nidji, and RAN
19.40-20.20: Press conference of Yubi Band
20.20-20.30: Performance by Shafira Zachrany
20.30-20.40: Performance by X MIA 6 (“Don’t stop the music” by Rihanna)
20.40-20.50: Performance by X MIA 7 (“Come and get it” by Selena Gomez)
20.50-21.10: Break time
21.10-21.20: Performance by Ibrahim JL
21.20-21.30: Performance by X MIA 8 (“Turn down for what” by DJ Snake and Lil Jon)
21.30-21.40: Performance by X MIA 9 (“Run it!” by Chris Brown feat. Juelz Santana)
21.40-22.20: Press conference of Teen VOX
22.20-22.30: Performance by X MIA 10 (“How low” by Ludacris)
22.30-23.00: Closing

Seems to me that Fina has became the center of attention since day 1 of the end-of-year conference, which is today. Her cuteness never fails to attract boys and men in the place. #BOOM #ProudofYouFinaSayang


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