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Hits Radio in January 2017

Desember 31, 2016

It turns out that my girlfriend Fina will once again become the focus of TCoH 4 Part 2, accompanied by her new friends Rifat and Khalisha in her adventures in the Asia-Pacific region. After her friends Tasya, Mufida, Medina, and Dzaky became official Hits Heroes who work in Hits Radio’s central office in Bandung, they are no longer accompanying her. They have more work to do in Bandung than Fina herself, who decides to train harder for her promotion to chief. Chandra Liow keeps his title as chief of Hits Radio.

As expected, Hits Radio’s taglines along 2017 will be based on good characters. In January 2017, it is “Discipline”.

In that year also, Hits Radio has introduced new mechanics; they will have artists of the month. In January 2017, it is Teen VOX – a new boy band consisting of Sulthan “Soda” Falah, Beta Bada, William Alexander Yoo, Allan Kim, Bisma Wibisana, and Fauzan Ananda Putra.

January 1: Intro
January 2-8: Australia
January 9-15: Yemen
January 16-22: Oman
January 23-29: United Arab Emirates
January 30-31: Qatar (part 1)

Meanwhile, in TCoH 4 Part 2, the Scullabies will take over the Trolls as the sole new villainous team. Mr. Vallen, Mr. Roni, Mr. Vega, Mr. Akbar, and Mrs. Meta will become island kahunas! Can you imagine the fun?

Also, the trio of Fina, Rifat, and Khalisha are compact and rely on each other. Fina is the leader, Rifat is the brains, and Khalisha is the beauty. While Rifat and Khalisha had chosen Rowlet and Litten respectively before TCoH 4 Part 2, Fina will choose Popplio in the Australian story. #BOOM #GoGurrrl


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