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TCoH 4 Part 2, Episode 1

Januari 1, 2017

The episode begins with Fina playing in the beach for her Australian vacation with Chief Liow. Once satisfied with swimming, she went back to the place where the Chief was lying in the sun, drinking some pineapple juice.

Chief: Ahhh, there’s nothing like the blue sky, white clouds, and a glass of fresh pineapple juice. It feels great to be back home again.
Fina: Hey, Chief! I’m back!
Chief: Hope you had fun, Fina.
Fina: Of course I had! I went snorkeling, I saw some beautiful fish and coral, and I ate some grilled sea urchin… Australia’s beaches are the best!
Chief: Well, that’s great. (watch beeping) Uh-oh, I think we gotta get going.
Fina: Where to?
Chief: Wait and see.

Minutes later, they are already in a taxi.

Fina: Whoa, my first Uber Taxi! Awesome!
Chief: It is.
Taxi Driver: Sydney’s taxi is among the best of all taxis in the world. You can choose whichever destination you want, it’s never far away from the Circular Quay. It’s also eco-friendly.
Fina: By the way, where are we going, Chief?
Chief: To a place called the Hits Academy in Sydney. That’s where I teach.

To make a long story short…

Shortly after her arrival in the Hits Academy in Sydney (abbreviated HAS), Fina is interested in a girl with long thick hair and fair skin. She has big brown eyes. She is tall, for a girl of her age. Upon learning it was Khalisha, Fina wasn’t that interested anymore when she hugged her so hard to choking. She even attempted to spray some chili spray to Khalisha’s eyes and hit her with a baseball bat if she does that again. But they eventually become fast friends.

Fina is reunited with Rifat, her classmate in XI IIS 2 of Alfa Centauri High School. Rifat is a genius – he likes machines and wants to design a car on his own. They learn that the Chief is the principal of HAS. Since Fina has nothing to do yet in Australia, she decided to stay in the Chief’s home; Rifat and Khalisha are staying in the dormitory.

Tomorrow, January 2, marks Fina’s first day at HAS.


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