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TCoH 4 Part 2, Episodes 3-6

Januari 6, 2017

All four of these episodes have the same plot line; Fina facing ADSR in HAS when jealous with Rifat and Khalisha attempting to return as a couple while they themselves hide the secret that they just broke up long ago.

In Episode 4, it is revealed that Abiel’s big brother is LDP’s Mamun or Andre Prawira. He wears Bidji shoes everyday, that has little edible seeds on it, mostly sunflower seeds. Fina hates sunflower seeds. She was annoyed when Abiel says “makan aja BIDJI gue Fin!” (literally “just eat my seeds, Fin!”). Khalisha had the same expression too, but Rifat was OK with it.

We’ll just have to wait for a later episode as we will discover Khalisha’s Irish roots.


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