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TCoH 4 Part 2, Episode 13

Januari 13, 2017

Before we go into the main plot of this episode, I wanna tell you that the Scullabies are not the sole villainous team in TCoH 4 Part 2. Last Day Productions, the incarnations of the Ultra Beasts of Alola, are their rivals. They are affiliated with the 7 deadly sins in this series.

Guntur = gluttony
Eyon = wrath
Mamun = envy
Paopao = greed
Martha = sloth
Ratu Ayu = lust
Shandy = pride

Our Heroes visited Mamun’s place in Aden, Yemen. Mamun told them much about his brother’s Bidji shoes and the legend of Tapu Nyapachar.

Suddenly Fina was starving. So did Rifat and Khalisha. Rifat told them in emergency situations like this, they should call for an emergency snack. Call Abiel by saying “yooo… yooo… yooo… YOOO” while sticking out one finger, he will come and give them some snacks on his Bidji shoes. The snacks include, but is not limited to, sunflower seeds.

As they finished snacking, our Heroes continue their journey to Sana’a.


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