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Boniface and Princess Bewear

Januari 22, 2017

I don’t know if I had posted this in the past or not, but that’s OK.

Another day, another movie project to be done. My best friend in XI IIS 2, Davy, has been busy with movies, movies, and movies. Being a director, he makes videos and movie projects. 2017 might be his year, and by this July he’s trying to do something a bit different.

Davy is working on yet another movie project for XI MIA 6, entitled “Boniface and Princess Bewear”. The movie took place on Germany’s darkest days during World War II. When Adolf Hitler was elected as leader of Nazi in 1939, Germany suffered a lot. Everyone relied on hunting for their everyday food. A French warrior, Boniface, was going hunting with his comrades when a female Bewear chased him. Scared, Boniface hunted her with a bow and arrow, and she turned out to be a princess. The bow and arrow was hers, and she felt angry at Boniface for stealing it. Boniface fell in love, and asked her to marry him. But with one promise: he must not tell Hitler that she was once a Bewear.

Eventually they got married and was gifted a baby boy, named Armistice. Boniface taught Armistice to fight with a bow and arrow.

For the complete story, I will ask Davy about it. #BOOM #MantabDjiwa #SaksikanFilmXIMIA6 #Centmove2017 #BoaEdan


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