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TCoH 4 Part 2, Episode 24

Januari 24, 2017

The next morning…

Davy: It’s morning, Fina. Wakey-wakey.
Fina: (yawns) Why are you dressed like that? You haven’t even took a shower.
Davy: What’s the matter? We’re going to Dubai Mall to visit the Dubai Aquarium and Underwater Zoo today. I’m continuing filming my movie project. Go wake Rifat and Khalisha up; they haven’t had breakfast.
Fina: But, Dav…
Davy: Now!
(Fina abruptly woke Rifat and Khalisha up)

Their breakfast is very appealing. Your typical Emirati breakfast, with kebuli rice, Emirati pancakes, mohalla with balaleet stuffing, khameer, aseeda bobar, and tea with camel milk. Everyone ate with gusto, including Davy, Kahfi, and Rifqi.

Khalisha: Oh yeah, Dav, did you mention we’re going to Dubai Mall after this?
Davy: You bet from the bottom of your heart I did! I’m continuing filming “The Mermaid Diaries III”. You go have fun with Fina while Rifat will be with me for a while.
Khalisha: This is awesome!
Rifat: Are there lots of Pokemon there, too?
Davy: Yes, but only Normal-types. I am a Normal-type specialist.
Fina: Do you have another Pokemon beside Yungoos?
Davy: I do have – but I won’t show it before you beat the Totem Pokemon.

Meanwhile, LDP and ADSR were shopping in the gold souk. They planned to sabotage Dubai Mall…

Part 2 coming soon!


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