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A little preview of the Qatari story…

Januari 25, 2017

A week hasn’t passed yet, but I wanna give you the preview of the Qatari story.

Major events:
– Our Heroes and Abiel accompany Davy to film “The Mermaid Diaries III” in Qatar.
– Khalisha’s love for tea is explained throughout this story.
– Eyon, the stingiest and grumpiest member of LDP, catches a Mareanie.
– Davy is revealed to have owned an Eevee.

Can you believe that unevolved Normal-type non-legendary Pokemon tend to be cute? Just look at Eevee, Lillipup, Skitty, Minccino, and so on. They are cute non-legendary Normal-type Pokemon that are unevolved. In this story, Davy explained his desire to trade his Minccino for Khalisha’s Mudbray, since he wants a Pokemon of another type than Normal. Besides, Davy’s Minccino doesn’t learn those of stronger moves. She knows Pound, Baby-Doll Eyes, Tickle, and Double Slap.

Also, we discover another secret side of LDP’s Eyon. Not only he is stingy and doesn’t like to share his things with each other, he is VERY grumpy. He is never seen smiling or laughing, except with Guntur and Mamun. He always swears when he’s angry. In the Qatari story, Eyon catches a Mareanie just to kill our Heroes.


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