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Another preview of the Qatari story…

Januari 26, 2017

A lot of you have probably seen my preview of the Qatari story in which Eyon catches a Mareanie. Oddly enough, this Mareanie knows Toxic from the first time it was caught. In the Pokemon Sun and Moon games, the Brutal Star Pokemon learns Toxic at level 21. Further in the Qatari story, Eyon’s Mareanie badly poisons our Heroes, Abiel, Davy, Kahfi, and Rifqi, as well as their Pokemon. When Khalisha was away, she learns that the poisoning can’t be cured by an antidote – it must be cured by a special tea that is only found in Qatar.

Tea is Khalisha’s favorite drink… she can’t bear if she gives out her tea to other people. But she eventually learned to share her tea to her friends in need.

Eyon’s Mareanie victims:
– Fina
– Rifat
– Abiel
– Davy
– Kahfi
– Rifqi
– Fina’s Popplio
– Rifat’s Rowlet
– Abiel’s Bounsweet
– Davy’s Minccino
– Kahfi’s Skitty
– Rifqi’s Lillipup
– Young Lex (Davy’s Yungoos)
– Young Joc (Kahfi’s Yungoos)
– Young Thug (Rifqi’s Yungoos)
– Khalisha’s Litten

This is a rare occasion in which both Pokemon and their trainers are poisoned. In the original anime series, only Pokemon are poisoned. In TCoH 4 Part 2, in which I make Pokemon references, their trainers are poisoned as well.

Since all of Khalisha’s Pokemon are poisoned in the Qatari story, including Litten, Khalisha will have to fight Eyon empty-handed – that is, without a Pokemon battle.


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