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TCoH 4 Part 2, Episode 29

Januari 29, 2017

Today is our Heroes’ big day in the United Arab Emirates, after successfully defeating Totem Gumshoos at Mamzar Beach Park. They will come face-to-face with Davy and his friends in a Pokemon battle in order to obtain Normalium Z.

Davy: Beforehand, I want to thank you for defeating Gumshoos yesterday. But you’re not done yet. In order to get a Z-Crystal like in the games, you will have to battle with us. Who will go first?
Rifat: I’ll go first.
Khalisha: No, I’ll go first!
Fina: I hope I go first.
Rifat: I hope I go first!
Khalisha: I hope I go first because you brought me to trouble yesterday!
(everyone argued and fought)
Davy: ALRIGHT, ALRIGHT, CALM DOWN!!! (everyone settled down) There are three of us, there are three of you, so each of you will battle each one of us. If either one loses, you can’t gain access to Normalium Z. Understand?
(Fina, Rifat, and Khalisha nodded)
Kahfi: Here’s the deal. I battle Khalisha, Iky (Rifqi) battles Rifat, and Davy battles Fina. Got it?

Stay tuned tonight as we write between Rifat vs. Rifqi, Khalisha vs. Kahfi, and Fina vs. Davy. It will be time Davy shows his second Pokemon that he refuses to tell us.


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