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Snippet of Bahraini story

Februari 4, 2017

Following the events of the Qatari story, Eyon was very angry after losing to Khalisha, who, after all her Pokemon are poisoned, fought him empty-handed. He asked Paopao to come along to Manama, the capital city of Bahrain.

Meanwhile, during school break, Fina went shopping with Abiel and Chief Liow and stopped by at a nearby pancake store. The owner is Ferrizca, Davy’s girlfriend. She has an Alolan Raichu. Hungry, Fina was interested in pancakes. She ordered strawberry pancakes and Abiel ordered chocolate chip brownie pancakes. They were satisfied.

Upon hearing about the annual Alolan Pancake Race in Bahrain, Fina applied for the race. So did Abiel, Rifat, Khalisha, Disya, Sulthan, Ragil, Davy, Kahfi, and Rifqi. They didn’t know that Eyon and Paopao were behind them as well. They did apply, disguising as Nadiefa and Khalid by sucking up their life energy while they were asleep under a tree.

Who will become winner of the pancake race? Will Ferrizca keep her winning streak? Will Fina become the new winner? Or will Eyon and Paopao do so? The fun and fury awaits at the Bahraini story, next week. STAY TUNED!


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