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Another snippet of the Bahraini story

Februari 5, 2017

Fina, Rifat, Khalisha, Abiel, Disya, Sulthan, Ragil, Davy, Kahfi, Rifqi, Ferrizca, Eyon, Paopao, and Chief Liow are participating at the annual International Pancake Race. Based on Pokemon Sun and Moon anime, episode 13.

First leg of the race: humans must run while climbing a hill and passing a balance beam in the city of Manama. First one to drop their plate of pancakes loses. Remember, they must sprint, but not jog.
Second leg of the race: humans will carry their Pokemon on a wagon while keeping the pancakes from falling.
Third leg of the race: humans leave their Pokemon racing alone while trying a different course. They will cross a jungle (even though there are no jungles in Bahrain), row the river, snowboard, run through the desert, and dive undersea with their clothes on. During this leg, human racers are not allowed to change clothes with the corresponding setting.

At this point we will witness Abiel envious with Fina’s skin that stays smooth even though diving under the saline sea.


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