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TCoH 4 Part 2, Episode 42

Februari 11, 2017

First off, I’m sorry for not posting any TCoH 4 Part 2 for many episodes. I run out of episode ideas very fast.

The Pancake Race continued very well, leaving 3 teams; Fina-Abiel, Davy-Ferrizca, and Eyon-Paopao. Our Heroes and the LDP members separated themselves with their Pokemon (OK, maybe too much Pokemon references, I don’t own Pokemon) 3 days ago.

This is the scene you all have been waiting for.

Davy: Ferrizca.
Ferrizca: What is it, Davy?
Davy: It’s OK if we eventually lose, but this is sports where we play it fair. As long as the sun still sets on the west, our love will remain strong, and that gives us the spirit to win this Pancake Race and free all-we-can-eat pancakes for a year.
(the conversation was heard by Fina and Abiel)
Abiel: Sheesh, Fina! We’re gonna lose!
Fina: I think so too, Biel. But we’re gonna keep going until we reach the finish line!

(song playing: “Castle on the hill” by Ed Sheeran)

Footage of Fina-Abiel and Davy-Ferrizca’s rivalry in the Pancake Race: continuing their race through the Bahraini coast, hitching a train while trying to keep their pancakes from falling to the ground, and skydiving. Eyon and Paopao were left behind.

Closer to the finish line…

Announcer: Yes, viewers! Looks like our beloved racers are close to the finish line! On the front line, we have Davy’s cute little Minccino and Ferrizca’s badass Alolan Raichu! Behind them is Fina’s Popplio and Abiel’s Bounsweet! Who will win and get free all-they-can-eat pancakes for a year? Vote now! Oh, and looks like we have a Buzzwole and Pheromosa behind them, but we don’t know whose!
Eyon: (to himself) Alright, those twerps are in front of us. Oh, and Davy and Ferrizca! I won’t allow them to do such thing! Here we go! BLAST-OFF! (Eyon, disguising as Buzzwole, blasts off to the finish line, beating everyone else)
Announcer: Wh-what?! It looks like this Buzzwole, which happens to be Khalid’s, is an imposter! It finished by a long shot! Naturally this is against the rules, so it will be disqualified!
Audience: (crowd boo) Foul play! Foul play! Foul play!
(Eyon uses Magic Coat to deflect the audience’s angers)
Eyon: NO!!! (screams) You! You are the foul players. How dare you leave me and Paopao behind… (sobs loudly) SHUT UP!!! (calms down for a moment) Davy. Ferrizca. Well done. Thank you. You’ve let us down. You’ve defiled LDP’s good name.
Davy: We ain’t doing anything. It’s within the rules.
Ferrizca: Yes, Davy’s helping me win for the 2nd year in a row. Moreover, the rules say from the 3rd leg onwards, racers are teams of two.
Eyon: Shut up. Shut up already. As a result, I will do something bad that you sure will never like. Right… now! (successfully captured Minccino and Raichu)
Davy: Minccino!!!
Ferrizca: Raichu!!!
Eyon: Paopao! NOW!
(Davy was drugged by Paopao while Ferrizca was successfully taken to Eyon’s secret hideout, leaving Davy frothing at his mouth, fainted)

Announcer: Well, viewers. I guess we have to postpone the race until tomorrow night. One team has been sabotaged.


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