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TCoH 4 Part 2, Episode 44

Februari 13, 2017

After Davy agreed with Khalisha to trade his Minccino for her Mudbray, our Heroes went for Saudi Arabia for the second trial. They got some briefing from Khalisha’s dad about facing the trial. The trial captain is Ghozy, specialing in the Fire type. Rules cite that challengers are ones whose starter type is weak to the foe’s specialty type. Therefore, Rifat will face Ghozy.

Upon arriving in Riyadh, our Heroes agreed to change clothes. Rifat changed into a black tank top, dark brown knee-length pants, and a black cap. Khalisha changed into a red tank top with white flowers printed on it and a white thigh-length skirt. She also wears new white Adidas Yeezy shoes. At first, Fina refused to change clothes, but after pushed on by her friends, she accepted to do so, and changed into a white T-shirt with black stripes and a black mid-knee length skirt, making her look cute. Meanwhile, LDP’s men are spying from the public streets of Riyadh. They still want their foes, our Heroes, to bear a grudge. Once they’ve born their grudges, Guntur, Eyon, and Mamun will kill them still.

At this point, Guntur is revealed to have a Salandit and Mamun is revealed to have an Alolan Raticate.


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