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Snippet of Kuwaiti, Israeli, Lebanese, and Jordanian stories

Februari 17, 2017

Ever since Rifat got his Firium Z from Khalisha, who recently traded her Mudbray for Davy’s Minccino, our Heroes has drawn a closer bond with each other. They’re going to prove it in the next 4 stories.

Kuwaiti story:
Our Heroes just went back to the dormitory just to find out that Chief Liow’s Rockruff, who had been watching over the house, was badly injured. The Chief planned to set up a surveillance camera for this, but…?!?!

The next day, after a boring lecture regarding the Gulf War, Rifat told our girls that he planned to visit the Clawed Hill in Kuwait to catch a Rockruff of his own. Fina and Khalisha disagreed with his decision, but Ghozy happily gave an offer to take his dad’s car to Kuwait City.

Israeli story:
Rifat and Khalisha are in a big fight after a dispute between whether Indonesian or Western food is better. The Indonesian cuisine-loving Rifat brags that his favorite food is better than Khalisha’s type, which is Western cuisine. Fina, however, is an Asian tongue, so can’t side with either one. But behind all the dispute, a pro surfer, Iqbal, asked our Heroes to take on his trial in Israel for the Waterium Z. Our Heroes undertook it.

Lebanese story:
The HAS students are playing on the beach in Lebanon, but when Rowlet, Litten, and Popplio got stuck in a balloon that Popplio made, it’s up to our Heroes to go hike the cedar forests of Lebanon to save them. But remember, though, they will have to be careful of LDP’s men…

Jordanian story:
After her Waterium Z missed, Fina lost her concentration during civics class and fainted in panic, therefore couldn’t go to Jordan with Rifat and Khalisha, leaving the couple going to the land of Petra by themselves. Within 5 days, they discover that the thief is a pro wrestler, Firebird… will they still survive?

Throughout the 4 stories, LDP’s men: Guntur, Eyon, and Mamun revealed that they refuse to battle unless if it’s a cute Pokemon that are considered weak. And they refuse to fight empty-handed unless their foe is Khalisha and Fina, our girls. Same thing is also revealed by LDP’s women: Paopao, her sister Martha, and Ratu Ayu, refusing to fight empty-handed unless their foe is Rifat, or battle unless it’s a tough Pokemon. (OK, how many Pokemon Sun and Moon references here, I’ll never know. Maybe I’ll stop by 2019? I don’t own Pokemon, all rights belong to Game Freak.)


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