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New synopsis of “Sun and Moon”

Maret 7, 2017

You probably have heard so much about my story of Davy and his “Sun and Moon” project for Centmove 2017. So much, that he issued to me the new synopsis. All rights belong to their respective owners.

10 years after the events of “Embrace”, Shafira (Isyana Sarasvati) and Radit (Chandra Liow) are now married, with the former being pregnant with their first child, a boy. During the happy times, Radit is unfortunately killed by Aether Foundation employees. On the same time, Shafira gives birth to her baby, whom she named “Rifat”… the gift from God.

16 years later, Rifat (Fauzan Rifat) and his mom are enjoying their new life in the fictional Alola region when the regional professor, Kukui (Reza Arap) came by and introduced him to the Hawaii-based region. Before he was about to get his starter Pokemon, Rifat stopped walking just to see a girl (Khalisha Salma) and her Cosmog stuck on a bridge. He was about to help him before he almost fell down to the river only to be saved by Tapu Koko. The girl thanked Rifat for saving her, introducing herself as Lillie. He fell in love immediately.

Going back to the village, Rifat was introduced to the kahuna of Melemele Island, Hala (Leon Zhe Young) and his grandson, Hau (Sulthan Falah). The children make fast friends, and Rifat is allowed to choose between the 3 starter Pokemon of Alola; Rowlet, Litten, and Popplio. He chose the former, a cute owl-like Pokemon. Before going back home, Hau asked Rifat for a Pokemon battle, which he agreed and won.

A month later, Rifat continued his journey as usual. On his way he saw Lillie, looking as beautiful as always. They study in the Pokemon School of Melemele Island, along with Hau. It was test day, and the children did well. After school, Lillie confessed to Rifat that she wanted to become his girlfriend, which Rifat was too shy to answer. But, to her misfortune, her brother Gladion (Adam Azka) didn’t allow her to date a fatherless boy, dubbing Rifat an “illegitimate child”. Gladion also insists to protect his sister no matter what, begging to be “her gravity”.

All night, Lillie looked at pictures of Rifat, subsequently chatting with him via cell phone.

Those happy times didn’t last long. During a trip to Akala Island, numerous Team Skull grunts led by Guzma (Hizkia Abdillah) attacked Rifat, Lillie, and Hau in the command of Plumeria (Rizky Anas). It started with a simple, single punch, and ended with a fart on Rifat. Celebrating their victory against the children, they danced uglily, much to Plumeria’s anger. Rifat and Lillie walked back home, leaving Hau alone.

On their way back home, Rifat talked to Lillie that he is not strong enough to fight those Team Skull grunts alone, asking her whether he has a father or not. Subsequently, he ran home in tears, leaving Lillie in desperation. She took a look at Mount Lanakila, Alola’s highest peak. Meanwhile, when continuing his way home, he was disturbed by shadows.

Upon arriving home, Rifat asked Shafira whether he has a father or not, the same question he asked to Lillie. During bedtime, Shafira sung her lullaby to her only son. Coincidentally, she is also pregnant with her second child, another boy.

The next day, from Hau’s perspective, Hau is on his way to school when he received a letter from Lillie. Upon arriving at school, he saw Lillie was putting her bag in a locker, and sang to her. He also fell in love with her madly. This was seen by Rifat, resulting in him and Hau sparking a rivalry, which Lillie calmed down. She was taken into custody. During a trip to the Aether Paradise, Rifat and Hau talked a lot to Lillie about their feelings to her.

Not far from there, Aether Foundation’s branch chief Faba (Iqbal Fadhlur) tried to sabotage the children, under the command of Lillie’s mother, Lusamine (Tike Priatnakusumah). At the same time Rifat saw a hole in the sky – the Ultra Wormhole. He wanted to observe it with a telescope in the Hokulani Observatory at ‘Ula’ula Island.

Upon arriving at Aether Paradise, Rifat, Lillie, and Hau encounter Lusamine herself, she threatened for world domination and construction of a hotel near Hokulani Observatory. Lusamine attacked her daughter, but Rifat saved her and didn’t consider…


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