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TCoH 4 Part 2 Side Story: Biarkan Jomblo Bertualang

Maret 23, 2017

Fina has longed to embark on a journey on her own, only her and Popplio. Before this, she wasn’t in a relationship with Abiel.

Fina: Goodbye, Biel. I’m setting off on a journey of my own, to Jomblo Island.
Abiel: Jomblo Island? You’re going to Jomblo Island on your own? Please. You have a boyfriend. Jomblo Island’s a place for single people. You’re in big trouble if there’s no Yudhis by your side.
Fina: No problem, Biel. I’ll be fine! (waves goodbye to Abiel as she boards in a tugboat to nearby Jomblo Island)

In this case, Jomblo Island is the fictional counterpart of the real-life Pulau Onrust in Kepulauan Seribu, Jakarta. The fortifications are reminiscent to those of the former British forts on the island. Fina and Popplio really had fun there! No me, no Abiel, no Rifat and Khalisha. Just them.

NOTE: This side story is in celebration of me making amends with Saka, who recently came back from rehabilitation after I slapped him in his left thigh. Khalid provoked me to do so, and I started everything, so we were both wrong. After making an apology letter, Saka accepted it happily, and we became friends again.


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