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Dari A sampai Z – Indonesia Banget (source taken from Aulion’s YouTube channel)

Maret 26, 2017

All rights belong to Aulion.
A fun way to learn your Bahasa Indonesia alphabet.

A is for Alam yang Indah
B is for Batik
C is for Cuci Tangan di Kobokan
D is for Dangdut
E is for Eeee! Aaaa!
F is for F jadi P
G is for Gue-Elo
H is for Harpitnas
I is for Indonesia, Bukan Endonesia
J is for Jamu
K is for Kerokan
L is for Lingsir Wengi
M is for Makan Langsung Pake Tangan
N is for Nasi Padang
O is for Om Telolet Om
P is for Poco-Poco
Q is for Qembaliannya Pake Permen
R is for Rasanya Belum Makan, Kalo Belum Pake Nasi
S is for Soekarno-Hatta
T is for Terima Kasih
U is for Unjuk Rasa
V is for Voto Pake Tongsis
W is for Warteg
X is for Xambelnya Pedes-Pedes
Y is for YouTubers Indonesia
Z is for Zinetron

L is also for Like, Comment, Subscribe!


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