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TCoH 4 Part 2: Snippet of Iranian story, and Hits Radio in April 2017

Maret 26, 2017

April is near. The month of birth of our national hero R.A. Kartini. The month of birth of my sister. The month of the national exam for the 12th graders. And… the month of more TCoH 4 Part 2, which I promise to continue.

Beginning with the appearances of Khalid and Saka, two boys from my class that don’t get along (they used to do so until the incident I slapped the latter), and ending with the Tajik story you sure are gonna love. Witness the adventures of Fina, Rifat, and Khalisha as they continue their Asian-Pacific journey to Central Asia. In April, the theme is “Be Smart!” and the artist of the month is Airlangga Wirasena – Khalid, that is. My best friend for almost 5 years.

Hits Radio in April 2017:
April 1-2: Iraq (part 2)
April 3-9: Iran
April 10-16: Uzbekistan
April 17-23: Turkmenistan
April 24-30: Tajikistan

In Iran, our Heroes finally prepare for Khalisha’s trial against Mr. Akbar, the youngest Scullaby. At this point, we will witness her Litten evolving into a Torracat! Can you imagine how fun it is? Also, Fina’s Popplio will evolve into a Brionne and Rifat’s Rowlet into a Dartrix in different stories. They still have to remember that LDP awaits, and following the Iraqi story Saka attempts to kill Fina with his Skip Challenge tactic, much to me and Khalid’s dismay. Ghafiki will return, this time with his new girlfriend Fathia.


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