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TCoH 4 Part 2, Episode 86

Maret 27, 2017

As always, due to a lack of time, to make a long story short…

After HAS grew into an uproar upon hearing the news about Saka, the school bully who recently broke free from prison, classes took place normally, but not after Chief Liow sent Rifat and Khalisha to Iraq to make an essay about the Iraq War. Fina will be left alone with Saka. She promised she would enjoy playing with him as she sees him as a big brother to her.

Everything grew tense as Saka has a plan to murder Fina with his newly learned tactic Skip Challenge. Meanwhile in the Iraqi capital Baghdad, Ghafiki came to visit, with his new girlfriend Fathia. He missed Rifat and Khalisha so much since his duel with them in Bulgaria, back when he was allied with Sahda. Me and Khalid enjoyed a great motorbike ride.

Stay tuned tomorrow as Fina will train with Sulthan in his boarding house.


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