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Details of Mr. Akbar’s trial in the Iranian story

Maret 30, 2017

Next week in TCoH 4 Part 2 will see Khalisha’s trial against Mr. Akbar, the youngest Scullaby, in Persepolis, Iran. Mr. Akbar is not of Iranian origin, but his trial site is in the former Persian Empire city and he specializes in the Dark type.

First battle:
– Sneasel
– Incineroar

Sneasel’s known moves are Ice Shard, Hone Claws, Payback, and Feint Attack.
Incineroar’s known moves are Flamethrower, Bulk Up, Throat Chop, and Darkest Lariat.

In her first battle, Khalisha will lose, but she will win in the rematch. The rematch will include Mr. Akbar’s Umbreon.

Umbreon’s known moves are Feint Attack, Pursuit, Moonlight, and Assurance.

Khalisha’s Pokemon in the battle:
– Litten >> Torracat (lv. 17)
– Starly (lv. 12)
– Minccino (lv. 12)


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