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TCoH 4 Part 2, Episode 92

April 2, 2017

Previously on TCoH 4 Part 2:
After spending 5 hours amid the remnants of ancient Mesopotamia before going back to Baghdad, Rifat and Khalisha went to HAS’ branch office just to witness Saka doing his Skip Challenge on Fina! Khalid, pretending not to care about me and Fina, became pro-Saka and pushed him to push her breast harder, causing her to faint without telling everyone on the spot, which angers Chief Liow. Ragil, also angry, also told Fina she’d be better off in SMAK Dago.


Chief Liow: Rifat, Khalisha. How long have you been studying here? (slams their paperworks hard into the desk) You’ve gone off the deep end!
Rifat: We weren’t doing anything, Chief. She did tell the truth by remaining silent and unmoving on the floor. Nobody faints with telling anyone else. It’s always been an accident.
Chief Liow: Don’t give any much reason. You’re pro-Saka. You’re better off in detention.
Khalisha: But…
Chief Liow: (imitating Mrs. Puff) May God have mercy on your soul.

In the computer lab…

Khalisha: (angrily) It’s all your fault, Rifat. Because of you, Chief got angry on us and accused us for supporting Saka.
Rifat: (steaming) Yeah, I wouldn’t break the law of the Hammurabi code if I were you.
Khalisha: (giving a raspberry on Rifat)
Rifat: (singing and annoying Khalisha) Linen is covered with feathers. Wet dreams, wild nightmares, I surrender. Come into me from within. We can be as one in the sin.
Khalisha: OK, stop it, Rifat. That’s an annoying song.
Rifat: (keeps on singing) I have my Subron~
Khalisha: Wait. Isn’t it supposed to be “suit on”? And is that your product?
Rifat: My product?
Khalisha: Yes. Subron. Soy milk in a plastic bottle. Short for Susu Berontak.
Rifat: Subron? Subron! Khal, that’s a good idea! We gotta battle Saka and drink Subron so we grow stronger!
(Rifat and Khalisha sing)

Saka: Ever since the day Yudhis hit me in my thigh, I grow vengeful and now that I have done my Skip Challenge on Fina, I wanna do the same with her Popplio!

To make a long story short…

Upon hearing Popplio screaming from Skip Challenge and falling into a well, Fina woke up abruptly and rushed outside. And Popplio drowned!

In a battle with Tapu Koko, Saka deliberately jumps from a cliff near HAS’ branch office in Baghdad and pretended to faint. He then revealed that he is LDP’s enforcer, under his alter ego Slavko Kalezic; a hot Montenegrin artist popular among girls. He asked for a battle with Fina, Rifat, and Khalisha, and the former agreed.

Eyon, Paopao, Slavko
Fina, Rifat, Khalisha

Eyon’s Pokemon:
Mareanie (lv. 15)
– Spike Cannon
– Sludge Bomb
– Water Gun

Paopao’s Pokemon:
Mimikyu (lv. 15)
– Play Rough
– Shadow Ball
– Shadow Claw
– Copycat

Slavko’s Pokemon:
Mudbray (lv. 17)
– Double Kick
– Mud Sport
– Mud-Slap

Fina’s Pokemon:
Pikipek (lv. 13)
– Tackle
– Growl
– Peck
– Rock Smash
Cutiefly (lv. 10)
– Fairy Wind
– Absorb
– Stun Spore
– Struggle Bug

Rifat’s Pokemon:
Rowlet (lv. 17) >> Dartrix
– Astonish
– Growl
– Razor Leaf (learned upon evolution)
– Pluck (learned upon evolution)
Rockruff (lv. 14)
– Tackle
– Odor Sleuth
– Rock Throw
– Howl

Khalisha’s Pokemon:
Litten (lv. 16)
– Fury Swipes
– Growl
– Ember
– Lick
Minccino (lv. 13)
– Pound
– Baby-Doll Eyes
– Double Slap
– Helping Hand

The battle lasted vigorously, with Fina, Rifat, and Khalisha winning, resulting in Eyon, Paopao, and Saka losing and the latter falling into the well where Popplio fell into. Popplio was saved, but Saka froze. He was bathed in hot water, where he forgived my actions against him and told Fina to remember the day he would meet her again.

The episode ends with a short commercial for Subron.

– Afiany Nur Fadilah
– Muhammad Fauzan Rifat
– Khalisha Salma
– Yudhistira Widad Mahasena (me)
– Khalid Izzatul Akbar
– Ghafiki
– Fathia Soerya Noor Haliza
– Chandra Timothy Liow
– Ragil Pusaka Mukti Karunia Putra
– Sakagala Gema Lafadzagat (a.k.a. Slavko Kalezic)
– Popplio (Fina’s)
– Pikipek (Fina’s)
– Cutiefly (Fina’s)
– Rowlet (Rifat’s; evolved into Dartrix)
– Dartrix (Rifat’s; debut)
– Rockruff (Rifat’s)
– Litten (Khalisha’s)
– Minccino (Khalisha’s)
– Eevee (Davy’s)

Tomorrow is the Iranian story.


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