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TCoH 4 Part 2, Episode 93

April 3, 2017

Just a summary of the story because of the main problem; a lack of time.

At the start of the class, Chief Liow announced happily that our Heroes Fina, Rifat, and Khalisha will be going to Iran in order to face their first grand trial. In Tehran, they were greeted by Mr. Akbar. They told them about the details of their trial. The island kahuna is Mr. Akbar himself.

After doing their Maghrib prayers, Fina and Khalisha decided to train together for the latter’s grand trial. After all, Khalisha was chosen because they believed Litten would evolve into a Dark-type Pokemon. Khalisha chose Litten while Fina chose Popplio. Rifat could only look from far with Dartrix.

Mr. Akbar told them that the road to Persepolis, the grand trial site, would be a rough one. They had to go from Tehran first, to Mashhad, then Shiraz, Abadan, Tabriz, and finally, Persepolis.


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