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Lambe Turah: Dying to Try

April 4, 2017

Another of my movie project ideas, not with Davy.

When love problems have to cause an 18-year-old girl to cut her hair short and change its color from blonde to black, that’s what Lambe Turah feels.

Lambe Turah is a designer in a top Japanese gaming company. She is very open and playful. Lambe loves her fair skin and long blonde hair which she is most known for.

There is something that changed Lambe’s life forever. A boy, Mimi Peri, has a crush on her and they begin a relationship. But she can’t forget her best friend Mordelente, and her grandfather Kakek Sugiono. At the day they are going to marry, Lambe has to change her hair color into jet black and cut it as short as a man.

Little by little, Lambe’s life changes entirely. What will happen next?


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