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Another snippet for the Uzbek story

April 9, 2017

Sandygast appears in the Aral Sea coast.
Mr. Roni asks help from our Heroes to catch one for him.
Shovels make a prominent role in this story, in which where they are all Sandygast.
Sandygast appear for nothing but one reason; they work for a Pokemon called Palossand.
Apparently, LDP’s Guntur will make an important role in the Central Asian saga, along with their enforcer Saka…
They’re trying to close the Aral Sea beach for a 5-star resort!
Guntur and Saka will try to stop our Heroes from preventing the resort development while the former takes the disguise of a Palossand, which the Sandygast work for… he will eat Fina alive! It’s up to Rifat, Khalisha, Abiel, and Davy to save her. Our only question is, as always… CAN THEY SURVIVE???


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