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Snippet of Turkmen, Tajik, and Kyrgyz stories

April 12, 2017

I decide to do this early since I’m off to Semarang in Friday for a family vacation. Again, this is a combination of The Chronicles of Hits and Pokemon Sun and Moon. All rights belong to their respective owners.

Turkmen story:
While learning about Alolan Dugtrio in Ashgabat, a young boy named Arly invites our Heroes to compete in his trial. Eventually selecting Fina to face him, he owes her and Khalisha cute Electric-type rodent Pokemon, which Rifat declines sadly. Arly also owes Fina the entrusted Electrium Z.

Tajik story:
HAS and the Tajik government is holding an open house, where all parents are invited to see their children showing off their talents. Fina will hold a presentation, but she experiences her first ever stage fever and loses confidence when it’s her turn. With the aid of Khalisha, she goes off to look for her confidence in the mountains of Tajikistan (despite we know confidence is abstract). Rifat, Abiel, and Davy are still rehearsing for their respective performances, so they have to be left alone.

Kyrgyz story:
Khalisha is ready to face Mr. Roni in our Heroes’ second grand trial for the Groundium Z and green life energy crystal, near Lake Issyk Kul, Kyrgyzstan. However, when LDP comes in to play, this is when the tensions between them and the Scullabies arise. LDP wants to steal every Z-Crystal in the Asia-Pacific, because they believe it’s gummy candy. Once eaten, they always have more stock.

For the Afghan story, it’s the Eurovision 2017 season, so we will witness our Heroes, LDP, and the Scullabies watch the 62nd edition of the longest-running European song contest – and report news about it as well. Yet this is another time LDP and the Scullabies show signs of rivalry.


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