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Another snippet of the Tajik story

April 19, 2017

The Tajik government is holding an open house with HAS, and every student must show off their talent. Rifat, Abiel, and Davy will sing a popular Indonesian metalcore song, “Mari membaca”, by Bandung-based death metal band Mesin Tempur. Khalisha will melt everyone’s heart with her cover of Brendan Murray’s “Dying to try”. Fina will hold a presentation, but the presence of her mom made her experience her first ever stage fright.

Losing confidence, Fina asks Khalisha to accompany her to look for it in the mountains of Tajikistan (despite we know confidence is abstract and is in humankind’s minds). While Rifat, Abiel, and Davy are still rehearsing, the MC asks to delay the show until Friday. However, an open house means an open door for LDP, who also wants to perform. The auditorium is facing closure threats! Will Fina be able to hold her presentation anyway?

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