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Facts of the Tajik story

April 22, 2017

Next week the Tajik story is coming up in TCoH 4 Part 2, and Fina’s mom is coming visiting from Indonesia. She is introduced to Khalisha and Rifat, her two new traveling companions. And Fina’s mom’s coming to the Asia-Pacific region (yaelah, Indonesia juga di Asia-Pasifik :v) is not without a reason – she’s coming for the open house in HAS that we’ve been talking about.

1. The Tajik story takes time during Ardan Radio’s 27th anniversary this year. Coincidentally, both this story and Ardan’s 27th anniversary involve an open house.
2. Before she experienced her stage fever, Fina was going to present “Broadcasting and Its Impact on Natural and Artificial Intelligence” in front of the audience.
3. Notable guests in the open house in the Tajik story include Verona, The Panas Dalam, and Lelaki Kena Tipu.
4. At the end of the Tajik story, our Heroes, Abiel, and Davy will sing “Dying to try” with Brendan Murray.

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