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Hits Radio in May 2017

April 24, 2017

In TCoH 4 Part 2, exactly in the first month of spring, our Heroes’ friendship has grown more and more closer and the past 4 months. Yesterday, during Fina’s trial with Arly, her Popplio evolved into Brionne, enabling her to progress. She also got a Pikachu from Arly.

Hits Radio in May 2017
Theme: “Be Cautious!”
Artist of the Month (AoTM): Yubi Band

May 1-7: Kyrgyzstan
May 8-14: Afghanistan
May 15-21: Pakistan
May 22-28: India
May 29-31: Nepal (part 1)

At the start of the South Asian saga, our Heroes’ adventures will begin with a Eurovision 2017 season, then in the upcoming Pakistani story, their adventure continues. If in Central Asia our Heroes come face to face with LDP’s Guntur, in South Asia they will come face to face with Mamun. They will race for the yellow life energy crystal, in Mr. Vega’s possession.

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