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TCoH 4 Part 2, Episode 121

Mei 1, 2017

On Monday morning, our Heroes are taking off from their studies following International Labor Day, or May Day. They’ve arrived in Bishkek, the capital of Kyrgyzstan, site of their second grand trial.

Rifat: Well, here we are. Bishkek, Kyrgyzstan.
Fina: What are we waiting for? Let’s go!
Khalisha: We’re gonna have lots of fun before facing the second grand trial with Mr. Roni!
Rifat, Fina, and Khalisha: (in unison) YESSS!

Meanwhile, not far from there…

Guntur: Look, Saka. We learned from that Robin Saftari guy that Z-Crystals are really candy packed with Z-Power. Once eaten a bit, it will regenerate by itself. How about it, Sak?
Saka: Mr. Guntur, Sir. You’re saying his name wrong. It’s Roni, not Robin. You think he’s a Swedish singer who can’t go on? But anyways, yes! We’re gonna get that Z-Crystal and steal every last bit of it, and world domination will be LDP’s! (evil laughs with Guntur)
Mr. Roni: Not so fast. You think you can outsmart me just so you can steal my precious caramel-flavored Z-Crystal?! (to Saka) Don’t even think of transforming into Slavko and growing a long braid. (now to the other Scullabies) Come on, Vallen, Vega, Meta, Akbar. We’re gonna show them we’re better than them.

Now our Heroes are doing the fitness center and gym to build power and stamina.

NOTE: This story will focus on the Scullabies and their rivalry with LDP. All 5 Scullabies will appear, although they will only appear in their respective trial site. Mr. Roni’s trial site is near Lake Issyk Kul, the largest lake in Central Asia.


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