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Me on Nathan Trent’s “Running on air”

Mei 6, 2017

As you know, the Austrian Eurovision 2017 entry is called “Running on air”, performed by Austrian singer Nathan Trent. My best friend Khalid and my girlfriend Fina are fans of the song for nearly 2 months now.

Nathan Trent – “Running on air”
Writer: Nathan Trent, Bernhard Penzias
Producer: Bernhard Penzias
Genre: Pop
Length: 2:48
Label: ORF-Enterprise

Am I the only one to think this was an Ed Sheeran song? No. In fact, Nathan Trent and Ed Sheeran sound far from alike. For first-time listeners, you might think this was a romantic love song, but no. Judging from its lyrics, it’s a song about empowerment. If someone pushes us down, we have to get up again. If that someone lets us drown, we’ll swim to the end like a champion, meaning we have to be brave. There’ll be good times, but there’ll be bad times, too.

For XI IIS 2’s Centmove entry “Sun and Moon”, “Running on air” is played during one scene when Hau is singing to Lillie.

Nathan Trent is great, he speaks and sings like an American, and he has charisma when performing on stage. Personally I don’t think he will qualify to the final, but we wish all the best of luck to Austria in Eurovision 2017! The land where the hills are alive with the sound of music will perform 2nd in the second semi-final, succeeding Serbia and preceding Macedonia.

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