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TCoH 4 Part 2, Episode 127

Mei 7, 2017

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Today marks the big day. Our Heroes’ Central Asian adventure is about to conclude as they face Mr. Roni in the second grand trial, near Lake Issyk Kul. Mr. Roni understands that only 1 Hero can get a Z-Crystal to advance, and eventually he chooses our favorite brunette, Khalisha. Fina and Rifat observe.

You are challenged by Island Kahuna Roni!

Khalisha’s team:
– Torracat (lv. 21)
– Staravia (lv. 20)
– Minccino (lv. 20)
– Togedemaru (lv. 16)

At the first round, Khalisha decides she will go with Staravia, a dual type Normal/Flying to beat Mr. Roni’s Sandygast. Fina and Rifat are shocked, since Staravia is part Normal type and therefore Normal-type moves have no effect on Ghost-type Sandygast, and vice versa. Khalisha convinces them that Staravia doesn’t exclusively learn Normal-type moves. It knows Gust and Wing Attack. The script is as follows.

Mr. Roni: Alright, Sandygast! I choose you!
(Sandygast comes out of its Poke Ball)
Khalisha: (Who should I use first…? Oh, OK.) Staravia! I choose you!
(Staravia comes out of its Poke Ball)
Fina and Rifat: (gasp) Staravia?!
Fina: Staravia’s part Normal type, right? Normal-type moves have no effect on Ghost types like Sandygast.
Khalisha: Shut up! Staravia doesn’t just learn Normal-type moves like Quick Attack. It also learns Gust and Wing Attack. Right?
Rifat: Yeah, yeah, like you know everything about…
Khalisha: Enough talk! (to Mr. Roni) Sir, let’s get this started!

Mr. Roni makes the first move, ordering Sandygast to use Sand Attack, which lowers Staravia’s accuracy. (FUN FACT: Upon evolving from Starly, Staravia loses its ability Keen Eye, and is replaced by Intimidate.) Khalisha orders Staravia to use Gust, which Sandygast can barely dodge. Sandygast uses Shadow Ball, but being a Ghost-type move, it has no effect on Staravia. Staravia then uses Wing Attack, followed by a Growl, which does damage on Sandygast and lowers its Attack stat. Barely able to continue, Sandygast is knocked out after another Wing Attack. Khalisha wins the first round.

Eventually Mr. Roni sends out Quagsire. Proving that she can be stronger, Khalisha makes the first move. Staravia uses Quick Attack, but Quagsire counters with Mud Shot which lowers its Speed aside from dealing damage. Staravia uses Growl. Quagsire’s Attack is lowered, but eventually it resists and uses Slam on Staravia, knocking it down to the ground, and it is finished with an Earthquake. The battle results in a 1-1.

Khalisha sends out her “pet” Minccino, our favorite cute chinchilla. Proving it can be stronger than the level 22 Quagsire, Minccino starts off with Baby-Doll Eyes, which lowers Quagsire’s Attack stat. It then uses Double Slap on the Water Fish Pokemon, making it stagger and nearly fall to the ground. In the meantime, Minccino uses Swift (it is level 20; Minccino learns Swift a level earlier), a move that never misses and has decent power, knocking Quagsire out of the battle and resulting in a 2-1 between Khalisha and Mr. Roni.

When Mr. Roni sends out his Alolan Diglett, Khalisha decides to stick with Minccino, and opts not to send out Togedemaru or Torracat just yet. Mr. Roni this time makes the first move, ordering Diglett to use Growl which lowers Minccino’s Attack stat (in case you haven’t known yet, the Attack stat determines how much damage can be dealt when using a physical move). Minccino uses Tickle on Diglett to make it laugh, lowering its Attack and Defense stats, followed by a Double Slap attack. (Alolan Diglett is part Steel type, so Normal-type moves have little effect on it, but somehow it is weakened in the first hit.) But eventually Diglett stands still, using Metal Claw on Minccino, raising its Attack stat. After receiving a few hits by Double Slap, Diglett is knocked out by a Swift attack. This results in a 3-1.

Mr. Roni knows he hasn’t given up hope, so he sends out his trademark Pokemon Mudsdale. Mudsdale, the Draft Horse Pokemon, knows Earthquake, High Horsepower, Iron Defense, and Stomp. Khalisha makes the first move this time, with Minccino using another Double Slap, but Mudsdale blocks with Iron Defense, sharply raising its Defense stat. Mr. Roni orders Mudsdale to use High Horsepower to knock the Chinchilla Pokemon out, followed by a Stomp, which results in a 3-2.

Having not yet given up, Khalisha sends out Togedemaru, much to Fina and Rifat’s shock since Togedemaru’s typing makes it doubly weak to Ground-type moves. Before Togedemaru is even able to use anything, Mudsdale uses Earthquake to shake everything on the field, knocking Togedemaru out and resulting in a 3-3 between Khalisha and Mr. Roni.

As both trainers are down to their last Pokemon, Khalisha sends out Torracat. Torracat starts out with a Fire Fang, burning Mudsdale. (FUN FACT: A burn gradually lowers the Attack stat.) Mudsdale eventually stands still, using High Horsepower to send Torracat flying, almost knocking her out (why “her”, Khalisha’s Torracat is female). This activates her ability Blaze and Khalisha unleashes her Z-Power, enough to knock Mudsdale out with Torracat’s Inferno Overdrive. The brunette is victorious.

Mr. Roni: You’re lucky. You’re lucky you got as far as Kyrgyzstan just so you can beat me. You proved to me that you’re stronger than I am. My Mudsdale is no match for your Torracat, Khal. As a sign of gratitude, I wanna thank you with this. (hands out a Groundium Z to Khalisha)
Khalisha: What’s this, Sir?
Mr. Roni: Groundium Z, a crystallized form of Z-Power.
Khalisha: Oh. (smiles, then cheers happily) I’ve got… a Groundium Z!
Mr. Roni: With that Z-Crystal, you can upgrade any Ground-type move into the Z-Move Tectonic Rage. Now watch me, girl. (crosses his arms, jumps like a breakdancer while spinning mid-air, then does a wonderful stance)
Fina: That was AMAZING, Sir!
Mr. Roni: Yeah, don’t thank me, Fin. I believe Z-Crystals are candy, so this is a caramel flavor. And as another sign of gratitude, I wanna give you something I don’t want anymore, man. (hands out the green life energy crystal)
Rifat: Th-thanks, Mr. Roni.
Mr. Roni: Take that to the Alola region after you got all 5 life energy crystals. And have fun! Bye! (waves as our Heroes run away before his eyes)
Guntur: Talking to inanimate objects again, Robin?
Mr. Roni: Should I remind you again, Tur? My name’s Roni, not Robin!

At the end, our Heroes go back to HAS without believing their economics teacher can be that generous to them. Giving the Groundium Z to Khalisha and the green life energy crystal to all three.


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