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We’ve got finalists. Say cheers!

Mei 12, 2017

It’s been 12 hours here in Indonesia since we have known who the other 10 finalists are in this year’s Eurovision. From the second semi-final, they are Austria, Romania, Netherlands, Hungary, Denmark, Croatia, Norway, Belarus, Bulgaria, and Israel. Ireland’s not in the top 10, so I’m VERY upset. (But Brendan was perfect, we loved him! Why Ireland, why? *sob sob*)

As a result, it’s time we know the finalists of Eurovision 2017. All rights belong to the European Broadcasting Union and Ukrainian television.

1. Israel
Imri Ziv – “I feel alive”

2. Poland
Kasia Mos – “Flashlight”

3. Belarus
Naviband – “Story of my life”

4. Austria
Nathan Trent – “Running on air”

5. Armenia
Artsvik – “Fly with me”

6. The Netherlands
O’G3NE – “Lights and shadows”

7. Moldova
Sunstroke Project – “Hey, mamma!”

8. Hungary
Joci Papai – “Origo”

9. Italy
Francesco Gabbani – “Occidentali’s Karma”

10. Denmark
Anja Nissen – “Where I am”

11. Portugal
Salvador Sobral – “Amar pelos dois”

12. Azerbaijan
Dihaj – “Skeletons”

13. Croatia
Jacques Houdek – “My friend”

14. Australia
Isaiah Firebrace – “Don’t come easy”

15. Greece
Demy – “This is love”

16. Spain
Manel Navarro – “Do it for your lover”

17. Norway
JOWST – “Grab the moment”

18. United Kingdom
Lucie Jones – “Never give up on you”

19. Cyprus
Hovig – “Gravity”

20. Romania
Ilinca and Alex Florea – “Yodel it!”

21. Germany
Levina – “Perfect life”

22. Ukraine
O.Torvald – “Time”

23. Belgium
Blanche – “City lights”

24. Sweden
Robin Bengtsson – “I can’t go on”

25. Bulgaria
Kristian Kostov – “Beautiful mess”

26. France
Alma – “Requiem”

Of course the UK is my winner this year.
London 2018, aamiin!
Lyrics of the songs will be uploaded soon.


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