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TCoH 4 Part 2, another snippet of the Pakistani story

Mei 14, 2017

Just a preview of the dialogue of the story. Nathan Trent and Jana Burceska are nicknamed Officer Trent and Officer Burceska in TCoH 4 Part 2, but Lany and Wildi are nicknamed Officer followed by their first names. All rights belong to their respective owners.

Officer Trent: OK, vehicle inspection. Antenna, check. Window pane, check. Bumper, check. Bumper… sticker, check. (blows tire as inspired by a Spongebob episode) Tire pressure! (blows out air to Officer Burceska) Check.
Officer Burceska: Will you quit playing around, Nate?! (Officer Burceska calls Officer Trent “Nate”)
Officer Trent: Alright, alright. I’m serious. (turns around to inspect Hizkia) You’re Hizkia Firebrace?
Hizkia: Yes. Hizkia Abdillah Firebrace.
Officer Trent: And you’re replacing by the name of Sakagala Gema Lafadzagat as Last Day Production’s new enforcer?
Hizkia: Yes.
Officer Trent: And they make you do tricks?
Hizkia: Yes. I’m not a dog. When you say I do tricks, you must mean I play tricks.
Officer Burceska: Hizkia, come with us. You’re accused for waking a sleeping Midnight Form Lycanroc in a cave in the Karakoram Mountains. Now there are reports of four young men and women walking on by bringing three baby Pokemon.
Officer Trent: JB’s right. (Officer Trent calls Officer Burceska “JB”, from her initials) You must stay here, don’t do anything, OK? You never take drugs. We’re afraid you will play tricks on them.
Officer Burceska: We’ll be right back.

Stay tuned tomorrow for the next adventures!


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