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TCoH 4 Part 2, Episodes 133 and 134

Mei 14, 2017

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Episode 133:
Abiel encourages Sulthan to come to Afghanistan to gaze one last look at the world outside Indonesia from the Karakoram Mountains. Upon our Heroes’ arrival, they are shocked to hear Khalisha’s Minccino crying along to the sound of Sulthan crying because he doesn’t want to leave his friends alone. Nor he does want to leave his homeroom teacher, Mr. Tarmizi. But later Sulthan gets used to it.

Episode 134:
Our Heroes throw a farewell party for Sulthan. Inspired from the 26th episode of Pokemon Sun and Moon series, Fina finds a Charjabug for Sulthan to catch. Later others give their best presents to him at the airport, and Sulthan bid a teary farewell to all his friends and teachers as his mom and dad ask him to come along with them. Fina, Rifat, Khalisha, Abiel, Disya, Ragil, Davy, Kahfi, Rifqi, Ghozy, Iqbal, Arly, Mr. Vega, and Mamun hug him in tears. As “Amar pelos dois” by Salvador Sobral plays, Sulthan hugs Mr. Tarmizi whilst crying out loud.

NOTE: Portugal’s victory this year is by far the best in Eurovision history, no wonder we wished “Amar pelos dois” became a worldwide hit.


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