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I miss my childhood…

Mei 19, 2017

I’m turning 18 per October 8, 2017. I can’t believe time flies so fast. And it’s very heartwarming that I say this. I plan to write an autobiography in this blog after I graduate from Alfa Centauri High School.

I’m NOT naturalized. My parents are both Indonesian. I was only born in Japan because my dad was finishing his study as a doctor in astronomy in Tokyo back then. Mrs. Meta explained to me about principles of citizenship during the first days of civics class in 11th grade. The country where I was born in, Japan, embraces the principle of jus sanguinis (don’t ask me what that is because I forgot), while Indonesia also embraces the principle of jus sanguinis, meaning I’m not a naturalized Indonesian citizen at all.

But forget about civics for a while. Let’s wait until the graduate of Lucky Number 13, the 13th generation of Alcent High School students. So that I can write about my childhood.


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