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What will happen at the end of the Pakistani story?

Mei 20, 2017

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Yesterday, when our Heroes were playing baseball with Officer Nate, Officer JB, Officer Lany, and Officer Wildi, they were kidnapped by Saka (a.k.a. Slavko), Hizkia (a.k.a. Isaiah Firebrace), and Azka (a.k.a. Hovig Demirjian). Of course, by “they” I mean the officers. They gave no particular reason why they caught them.

Fina, Rifat, Khalisha, and Abiel found a way out from the LDP enforcers’ place. And off they went, to the forests in the slopes of the Karakoram Mountains. When Pichu, Cleffa, and Igglybuff began to cry, it was up to our Heroes just to bottle-feed them. Later Fina started to tear up because she was reminded of everything her mother did to her when she was a baby.

The last part of the Pakistani story will witness Fina breaking down in tears after seeing Rifat catching Cleffa, saying she doesn’t want to grow up. She wants cookies and milk, wearing a sweater with love in every stitch, wearing diapers, riding in her wagon, cuddling with her teddy bear, rocking in her horse, and getting a kiss on her wounds. Slavko (oops, Saka) comforts her and says that she doesn’t need to be a baby to get a mother’s love. No matter how much grown-up she gets, she will always be her little baby boo (shoutout to a scene in Spongebob, I don’t own Spongebob). Hizkia thinks Fina cries because she is being laughed at by Rifat and Khalisha, the first time her friends do so. So does Azka. Everyone in the place comforts Fina.

Abiel also comforts his best friend, while saying that when she’s back to Indonesia, she can kiss her mom and still act like an adult. He then (oops) kisses Fina. (Relax, readers, they’re not dating.) This will further lead to the events of the Indian story.


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