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TCoH 4 Part 2, Episode 131

Mei 21, 2017

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Previously on TCoH 4 Part 2…
Our Heroes decided to camp out of their place of abduction at the slopes of the Karakoram Mountains. Fina cried after being laughed at by Rifat and Khalisha for being a spoiled child, only for Abiel to cheer her up. Rifat and Khalisha apologized to her in this episode.

Rifat: We’re sorry you got mad.
Khalisha: Yeah, it was an accident. I know how you feel after seeing us feeding Cleffa and Igglybuff cookies. You weren’t supposed to be hurt. You missed your mom in Indonesia, and it’s not even 4 years that you go out from your home for adventures.
Rifat: Don’t tell them you don’t wanna grow up.
Fina: Who says I don’t wanna grow up? I mean, of course I wanna grow up! The kisses must be done now! I don’t need to be a baby to get my mother’s love! Look at Abiel. He’s 16 years old. That’s big enough to stop being kissed so often!
Khalisha: Oh. How about it? Friends?
Fina: Friends.
(Fina, Rifat, and Khalisha shake hands)

On their way to return Pichu, Cleffa, and Igglybuff to their grandmother, LDP block their way, with Mamun very angry with his brother.

Mamun: You… you really mess up with our baseball game last Friday??!?!?!
Abiel: I didn’t mean it! We wanted to win with the police officers.
Mamun: Where’s my dignity?
Fina: Kang Mamun, deep breaths. Your dignity is abstract. It’s in your mind, just like my confidence when it got lost in Tajikistan.
Mamun: Where’s my dignity?!
Abiel: We wanted to win the game.
Mamun: YOU’VE TAKEN MY DIGNITY APART! (calmly) Now look closely. You’ve taken my, and indeed, all of LDP’s dignity in its entirety. I’m supposed to be envious all the time. I represent jealousy. Abiel. Hand me your Steenee now.
Abiel: No.
Mamun: HAND OVER YOUR STEENEE! (Mamun angrily kicks everyone on the spot. Everyone is shocked. He then forcibly takes Steenee from Abiel’s hands while simultaneously punching his brother’s head, causing him to fall over) You can get your Steenee back after you learn from your mistakes! See you!
(Abiel starts to tear up)
Fina: Abiel, are you OK?
Abiel: (forcing a smile) I’m OK, I’m OK. It’s just dust. My brother always does that, kicking the ground when he’s angry. Can you excuse me a little bit, I wanna go to the toilet now. (runs away)
Rifat: Oi, Abiel! It was a joke! You can’t just be angry like that! Grow up! Here, have some cookies! And milk! And a sweater with love in every stitch!
Khalisha: Are you crazy, Fat? Those are things only babies can have!
Rifat: I don’t care what you say, Khal, so shut up! Fina, hand this problem for both of us– Fina? Fina?! Where are you?
Khalisha: She’s chasing after Abiel!

Abiel is seen crying in the toilet. Poor him. He is angry and his eyes fill with tears.

Fina: Don’t cry, Abiel!
Abiel: (hysterically) HOW AM I SUPPOSED TO NOT CRY?! Mamun took Steenee from my hands for uncertain reasons!
Fina: Grow up, Abiel. You’re a boy.
Abiel: (hugs Fina’s legs) I…
Fina: (holds her breath, thinking he’s saying “I love you”)
Abiel: I…
Fina: (holds her breath even longer)
Fina: Shhh. Don’t be a spoiled child. Your mom and dad will be sad seeing you like this after we go back to Indonesia.
Abiel: I’m sorry. It’s supposed to happen. Everytime I cry I feel like a baby again.
Fina: (starts a long speech about how boys don’t cry. Ignore the speech, it’s very long.)
Pichu: Pichu.
Fina: Look. Pichu is comforting you too.

Abiel starts to calm down. Fina takes him back to the spot where Rifat and Khalisha are arguing about baby stuff. After settling them down, our Heroes set off to the place where Bewear is attacking Mamun. Abiel’s Steenee is also there. When our Heroes ask for a battle with him, he agrees. Fina sends out Brionne, Rifat sends out Dartrix, and Khalisha sends out Torracat and Minccino. With Rifat not yet having a Z-Crystal, Brionne and Torracat unleash their Z-Moves; Hydro Vortex and Inferno Overdrive respectively. Mamun is easily defeated, although Dartrix only uses a Razor Leaf attack.

With Mamun losing, Abiel gets Steenee back and our Heroes can return Pichu, Cleffa, and Igglybuff to Lycanroc. They bid their tearful goodbyes to the babies.

Fina: Bye, Pichu! See you about!
Khalisha: Farewell, Igglybuff! We’ll meet again sometime!
Rifat: Cleffa, even though it’s hard to say this, I wish you a happy goodbye. No one knows when I will catch you as my official Pokemon, but… adios, Cleffa! (our Heroes walk away from Lycanroc’s nest)
Cleffa: Cleffa!
Rifat: Huh? (looks back and sees Cleffa with her baby-doll eyes, staring at him)
Khalisha: Hey, Fat.
Fina: I think Cleffa wants to go with you!
Rifat: (gasps) You’re right. (to Cleffa) After all that long walk, feeding you cookies and milk, fiddling around with you, you must need a father-like figure. OK, Cleffa. I know it’s hard for me to say this, but… will you come with me? We can be friends forever.
Cleffa: Cleffa!
Rifat: Perfect! That’s it, then! You’re mine now! Go, Poke Ball! (Cleffa is successfully caught in one throw) I caught… Cleffa! (now to Fina) Hey, baby. Want cookies? (Fina runs away in tears to the place where the officers were caught) Don’t you get it? WE’RE JUST KIDDING! GROW UP!
Khalisha: Yeah, it’s just a joke! We’re sorry we laughed at you yesterday night! And Abiel’s freaking gone too!

Back in the place. Saka, Hizkia, and Azka are telling jokes with each other.

Saka: So then I said, “that’s not a knife! That’s a hippopotamus!” (laughs hysterically)
Hizkia: Haha, you could have! (laughs along)
Azka: Yeah, damn right! (laughs maniacally that tears run through his eyes. Suddenly the door is slammed open. It is Fina. Everyone stops laughing and Fina is tearing up)
Fina: I don’t wanna grow up! I want cookies! And milky! I want a sweater with love in the stitches! I wanna wear diadies! I wanna ride in a wagon! I wanna cuddle-wuddle with Mr. Stuffykins! I wanna rock in my sea Horsea! And I want kissy-kissy on my boo-boo! (cries like a maniac. Saka stares with pity, while Hizkia and Azka almost cry because they think Fina is being laughed at again by Rifat and Khalisha. They care much about crying girls.)
Saka: Take it easy, Fina. Fina? Fina! (squeezed Fina’s mouth) I know how much you miss your mom after seeing your friends taking care of the baby Pokemon. It makes you wanna be treated like a baby again.
Azka: All right already. Fina can’t stop crying.
Saka: Shut up, Hovig! (Saka calls Azka “Hovig”. Now to Fina) You don’t need to be a baby to gain your mom’s love.
Fina: (sniffles) I don’t?
Hizkia: Of course not. No matter how much grown-up you get, you’ll always be her little baby boo. Even if you’re 17 now. Abiel?
Abiel: (kisses Fina) And remember, when you’re back home to Indonesia, you can kiss your mom, and still be your adult self. Here, have a cookie. Saka said he doesn’t want it anymore.
Fina: Gee, thanks, Abiel.

Our Heroes reconcile, and they rescue Officers Nate, JB, Lany, and Wildi. They continue their baseball game.

Back in LDP’s headquarters…

Mamun: Hizkia. You fail me again.
Hizkia: I don’t mean to do anything. That girl needs love from her mother.
Mamun: Saka and Azka too.
Saka: I know, I know. I just wanna be a good man.
Azka: So do I.
Mamun: Here’s a plan. Tomorrow we go to India, and we’ll find out if there are good food for us to eat. And for the week Fina is having a trial in the world’s largest democracy. We’ll make fun of her.
Saka, Hizkia, and Azka: (smile, then have a high five)
Mamun: (speaking in his thought) I know I’m still not done with you, Vega. I still need to have that Fightinium Z.

Stay tuned for next week as our Heroes join a jungle joyride in India!


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