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TCoH 4 Part 2, Episode 132

Mei 22, 2017

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During class…

History teacher: Alright, so Mahatma Gandhi led India to freedom without waging war, using 4 methods; ahimsa (without violence), hartal (going on a strike), swadeshi (living with own efforts), and satyagraha (don’t ask the writer what that is)… bla bla bla…
Fina: (in her thought) Just 10 minutes, and I’m in love deeper with history class… this is exciting!
Chief Liow: Excuse me, Madam. Can I go talk to Fina, Rifat, Khalisha, Abiel, and Davy? I’ve got important news.
History teacher: Yes, you may.

Fina, Rifat, Khalisha, Abiel, and Davy are being called out by Chief Liow. Not for the purpose of punishment, but there are some exciting news.

Chief Liow: Alright. Why I’m calling you five to come here, because I’ve got some exciting news. You are going to India to camp out in the Morelull Forest Nature Reserve in Maharashtra, just close to the city of Mumbai. It’s also the site where Fina will complete a trial with someone called Syauqi. You can have fun there, but be prepared to risk your lives. Understand?
Fina, Rifat, Khalisha, Abiel, Davy: Understood, Chief!

Upon arriving in Mumbai, the largest city in India, they are greeted by Fadhillah Sudrajat, Syauqi’s brother. He is nicknamed Fadhil. He explains the trial details.

Fadhil: The Morelull Forest Nature Reserve is so named for the many Morelull inhabiting the forest. They know Spore, a move that induces sleep. Don’t be afraid – it’s just how my brother’s trial goes. (vanishes instantly, then goes back with supplies) Now pack your bags and head off! Good luck, and have fun!

Our Heroes have fun in the Morelull Forest. They cook, play in the river, tell stories, and so on following their heart’s content. But one after another, they start collapsing. First Davy, then Khalisha, followed by Rifat, Abiel, and finally, Fina. Upon waking up, Fina and Abiel discover that their friends are not with them! Same thing happens to LDP and their enforcers.

To their surprise, Syauqi appears behind Fina and Abiel. He explains that it’s just how the trial goes. The trial is very simple – they just have to find 4 ingredients scattered around the jungle and bring them back to Fadhil in Mumbai. While there, they can catch Grass-type Pokemon.

Stay tuned tomorrow as Fina will catch a Bounsweet.


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