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TCoH 4 Part 2, Episodes 133-136

Mei 26, 2017

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Episode 133:
While searching for the Mago Berry, Abiel catches a Fomantis.

Episode 134:
Abiel catches a Parasect while searching for the Big Mushroom and filming Fina’s English project.

Episode 135:
Fina and Abiel manage to go to Lucknow, while Rifat, Khalisha, and Davy make it to Kolkata. Keep in mind, they manage to get out of the jungle. Meanwhile, LDP’s enforcers Saka, Hizkia, and Azka wake up to discover that they are in Hyderabad.

Episode 136:
Fina and Abiel go to Aizawl, the state capital of Mizoram to find the last ingredient for the Syauqi Special.

The next 30 episodes will take place during Ramadan, so try not to be hungry. Tomorrow Fina will battle Totem Lurantis back in the jungle, so stay tuned!


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